A video from Nils from the road with Bruce & E Street

What is Rockality®?

It's a series of episodes, each a 24–40 minute video of Nils’ storytelling at its best, as he recounts the twists and turns of his path in the world of music. These are non-rehearsed, folksy deliveries of fascinating, colorful and entertaining stories that conclude with Nils singing a song or stretching out on his guitar.   Once purchased, the episode will be available for you to stream.  New episodes coming soon!

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Episodes 4,5 and 6 available now!

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Episode 1 - Runaway

After seeing Jimi Hendrix, Nils dropped out of high school, and became possessed to be a professional rock musician.  Concludes with an acoustic performance.

Episode 2 - High Blues, Crawling Home

Some great, musical adventures as a runaway in Greenwich Village, NY., looking for work, still, initially failing and heading back home dejected and sick.  Concludes with an acoustic performance.

Episode 3- Fortunate Grin

In San Fransisco, recording first Grin album at Wally Heider’s studio with producer David Briggs, Grin has an unexpected, amazing run in with Creedence Clearwater Revival music and John Fogerty. Concludes with Nils' guitar loop Pog Jam.

Episode 4 - Almost Jimi

Seeing Hendrix possessed me to be a professional rock musician. That saga continues with some amazing experiences involving Jimi. Concludes with a Mellow Jam.

Episode 5 - Heading West Part 1

After failing to find NY record deals, Grin heads out to LA.  I go first to blaze trail, band to follow.  First step, find Neil Young somehow and see if he still wants to help us. Concludes with a Strat Funk Jam.

Episode - Heading West Part 2

After a wild, exhausting first day in LA, Topanga, Hollywood, hitchhiking on Sunset Blvd to Thee Experience, hoping to see some great musicians jam, my fortunes take a surprising turn when an old friend pulls over and gives me a lift.  Concludes with a Bottleneck Jazzmaster Jam.

Music is a Sacred Weapon

I've been fortunate to have a great career as a musical artist and to play in a few of the best bands in the world.  It's been an interesting journey, and I hope you'll enjoy the Rockality® stories of how it all came about.  Grateful to have this gift I didn't ask for, and to share my stories with you of the twists and turns that got me here.

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